Saturday, November 21, 2009

A little progress

Well I managed to get a bit of painting in, not that much progress to report though.

I tried to do non metallic metal on the silver coloured sword and armor, I found that its quite tricky to get the blending nice and smooth.  I must admit the back is better than the front, I did the front first using mostly dry blending and then tried the back with wet blending which was a bit more successful, I think I need to add a bit of drying retarder for the wet blending, if you get to a stage where the paint is nearly dry then everything seems to get a nasty grainy texture.  I will probably go for one more set of highlights and then finish of the rest of the figure, just got the plume, beard and gloves to do...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More work in progress...

I've managed to spend a bit of time working on my dwarfs last week. Instead of using my own colour scheme I decided to try and copy the scheme rackham used:

Heres a picture of them after a base coat with a medium dark wash to bring out the details. 

The picture looks a little washed out compared to the actual colours in real life, I still havent figured out the best way to take photographs yet.

Instead of working on all three at once I decided to focus on one at a time, heres the results so far:

I have shaded and highlighted the main armour and painted in all of the other base colours.  The hardest part so far were the eyes, it was really fiddly painting in the pupils!  I have added some blacklining around the grey areas to bring out some depth, yep I know its a little messy but I have to add highlights anyway so it doesn't really matter :).  The layers on the main armour are not as smooth as I would like but hey its my first go at painting for years so hopefully things are going to get better. I need to make sure the paint is thin enough and to let it dry properly between coats, Im really bad for rushing ahead!

Progress has been a little slow lately and I have been really busy working on programming stuff for work so I never got much time for painting this week, hopefully I will get some more progress done soon.