Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black undercoats, metal, plastics and resin

I have had a bit of a break from painting lately because I have been really busy with work and studying but I'm going to start a couple of dwarf of Mid Nor using a black undercoat.

Here's the dwarfs as painted by the amazing guys at Rackham.

Its something I have been wanting to try for a while and after I started following a new blog I found: Wargaming Tradecraft from N++ in particular an article on black primer stirred my interest again.

I have always been aware of black primer and have read a few articles on it years ago but never bothered giving it a go, to be honest sometimes I never undercoat figures at all.  I quite like to paint onto bare metal and have the detail at crisp as possible.  I suppose that's one of the reasons I avoid plastics too the detail is just a bit less than metal and as soon as the undercoat goes on your hiding that little bit more.

Talking of detail I fancy getting some resin miniatures to try out, the stuff over at Studio Mcvey is looking really good I wouldn't mind having a go at painting some of these.

Anyway I digress ...

I already have the two dwarfs assembled, filed, and undercoated in black, I will keep a track of my progress on them and keep you updated.  I'm really looking forward to starting them, just gotta find the time...