Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A few more layers

I managed to get a bit of time tonight to take a few pictures of my work in progress:

The figure on the centre is more or less finished just need to do the base and a few touch ups, it not until you get a close up picture that you start to see all the flaws in all there glorious detail :(  Im not so happy with the blending but I have been having a bit of trouble with Intermediate blue, the pigment seems to sink into the binding agent really quickly, like five or six minutes and you can start to see the separation!!

Could do with tidying up the eyes a bit, when you look at a macro picture you can see all the dodgy bits!

Could do with a final highlight on the sword but is my hand steady enough!

I have just added a quick black wash over the Intermediate Blue base coat and done a thin glaze of the base colour on top 1:1:5 (paint : thinner : glaze)

The glaze has added a bit of a sheen to the highlights.

Here I have added 4 layers of highlights to the base coat and black wash on the armour.  

Im quite pleased with this one so far but its a bit inconsistent with the first dwarf I started almost a year ago, the contrast is quite severe...

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