Saturday, September 10, 2011

OOP Harlequins ...

Well its been a long time since I posted here.  I have been spending a lot more time playing guitar and  programming, its nice to get back to painting.

I recently started prepping my Orcs of Bran-O-Kor, I managed to get all 5 more of less prepped and managed to get one finished.  I set off painting the undercoat in a neutral grey this time after the fiasco with the black undercoat (Those dwarfs that were undercoated in black are now a dark corner of the cupboard waiting to be stripped).  I am now working though the different base colours and shading and highlighting.  It seem to be going ok but not as good as I would of hoped, I guess Im a little out of practice, thats my excuse anyway :-) Ill see if I can get some shots of the finished figure and post them up.

On a slightly different subject I was talking to one of my old friends a few month back about painting miniatures and we were reminiscing about old times painting the now out of production citadel miniatures.  It turns out he had a set of Citadel Harlequins sitting in his loft.  They had been sat there for about 17 years untouched!  My generous friend has donated them to me, so they now in my painting backlog.

Here they are in all their glory:

There are only eight of the origonal present but its great to have the chance to paint them again.  The funny thing is these are the same set that I sold to my friend 17 or 18 years ago...

Catch you next time.

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