Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Paints

As I mentioned in my last post I have got a new set of 38 paints. I got the paint from SnMStuff as they do a wide variety of Vallejo Model Colour sets from 6 to 48. I spent ages trying to figure out what colours I might need to start painting but finally managed to come up with 38 including the thinner and glazes etc. The closest I could find was a set of 36 but not wanting to decide which 2 colours to drop I emailed them and asked if they could do me a set of 38 and they agreed! So they put a custom item on their website for me. That's what I call service! They arrived very quickly too so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone, they were very friendly and helpful.

Here's my new paints in all their glory!

I painted a colour swatch sheet too, well my wife Lynsey kindly painted them in for me!

I think I got a pretty good selection of colours. There may be a medium blue missing from my set but its nothing I cant mix.

Next time I'll post the selection of miniatures Ive bought.


  1. I've been using Citadel colors forever—just because they are easy to get. Then, I bought a single bottle of Privateer Press' paints. Wow. If this paint is any indication of quality of Vallejo or Foundry paints I should really switch over. Developing new color combos will be a pain, but I'm definitely going to invest in non-Citadel paints when they dry out (which won't be long).

  2. I had a full set of the Citadel MKI/II paints when I first started, I never used to like the variations in the satin finish on a lot of the colours, and the thick plastic like film. I used to have various others too like Tamiya and Vallejo which I liked as they were not glossy at all. Vallejo is my favourite at the moment its got an ultra matt and very smooth finish, downside is that it chips easy so you need a bit of varnish to protect them.

    As I was getting a complete new set my choices were down to Vallejo, Reaper, and Privateer Press, I could get hold of Vallejo far easier than Reaper and they were cheaper than Privateer, I'd still like to try Reaper and Privateer though.

  3. Good luck starting up again, you'll soon remember the joy finishing a model and the pride at a completed unit on display. The smell of a new paint pot opened the...........(10 years later)...............thrill when somebody sees your cabinet, ahhhhh yes , you just can't beat that feeling.